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HOUSE RUSH! is in early development, and we'll be starting our private beta soon. You'll receive an email in your inbox to play soon!

Games have traditionally taken a hard fork from the real world, existing in a separate realm where players escape in otherworldly fantasy. 

We started Closing Theory because we believe there's an opportunity for fun that's closer to the world we live in.

Our first two titles, HOUSE RUSH and NEIGHBORHOOD RUSH, are for the 70M+ Zillow window shoppers, you know who you are…

If you want to join an early stage studio, with the chance to set the direction for not just your department, but the entire company, reach out. If you want to work on interesting technical problems, integrating real world data into games, hit us up.

We're building in-person at our office in Austin, TX. Checkout our Careers page for more info.

We're grateful to be backed by some of the very best, including a16z GAMES, Powerhouse Capital, Seth Sivak (founder of Proletariat, acquired by Blizzard), and more.